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By Sam Watts | 03rd December 2021

What is it? An Augmented Reality cross-platform multi-user tool for immersive training, planning and rehearsal for the construction industry Features Cross Platform: Users can join a session using their choice of HoloLens, HoloLens 2, Oculus Quest 2 or Android tablet Project Sequencing: Simple ‘page forward’ and ‘page back’ system to walk through construction sequences & […]

SkillShield: Total Review
By Sam Watts | 09th October 2020

What is it? SkillShield: Total Review is a Virtual Reality training application support tool that enables video of the immersive learning experience and learner to be captured, forming a single, unified learner record, developed in partnership with Keltbray xR. This single learner record provides assurance and irrefutable evidence, safeguarding your training. Also available for integration […]

By Sam Watts | 03rd June 2000

What is it? Dialogic is a Make Real software tool created for the purpose of streamlining and defining interpersonal dialogue tree logic and scripts within immersive learning experiences. Features Branching narrative system designed to improve workflows between script writers and developers Streamlined process for immersive content development around interpersonal (soft skills) training Complex logic controls […]

By Sam Watts | 02nd June 2000

What is it? Gestural is a Make Real-developed Virtual Reality input system that allows natural, hand gesture-based input for training and simulation experiences Features A fully tracked controller input system that plugs into Unity 3D engine to incorporate hand gestures into immersive learning experiences easily Customisation of hand gestures tracked and determined as valid input for […]

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