Month: April 2019

In with the old and in with the new: reflections on VRX Europe 2019
By Sophie Costin | 29th April 2019

My biggest takeaway from this year’s VRX conference (aside from the fact that playing Angry Birds on a Magic Leap is FUN and pronouncing the names of Dutch craft ales is HARD) is that to encourage mass adoption of immersive technologies, we can’t change everything at once. VRX is positioned as Europe’s premier immersive tech […]

Food for thought
Cloud computing VR – is 5G the route to success?
By Sam Watts | 23rd April 2019

With news of South Korea and the US launching commercial 5G services, it won’t be long before 4G is a thing of the past (and rural areas), and 5G will be popping up in your city. Complete with brand new 5G enabled phones and (likely) high contract fees initially for early adopters. In fact, here […]

Make Real – 2019 Q1 Review
By Sam Watts | 04th April 2019

As we struggle with our wardrobes deciding whether to wrap up for April showers or predicted heatwaves, it’s time to look back at the first quarter of 2019 and review what we’ve been up to. News The new year started how the previous year ended, with a number of new hires joining us as part […]

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