Month: February 2019

Food for thought
Is HoloLens 2 the future of spatial computing?
By Make Real | 26th February 2019

On the 24th of February, Microsoft announced HoloLens 2 – the latest version of the AR headset which originally released 2 years ago, only this time, it’s focus has shifted. With a play on this being for companies, not consumers, it aims to enable those who don’t regularly work with computers in their life to […]

Need to know
Getting comfortable with demoing VR
By Sam Watts | 25th February 2019

And more importantly, making your users feel comfortable when trying the experience. We recently held a client workshop looking into how they can integrate immersive technologies into their work, and when it’s right to do so. A theme emerged from conversations with the attendees on responsible xR and making the person in the experience comfortable […]

Learning Technologies through the eyes of a seasoned newbie
By Sophie Costin | 25th February 2019

For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure, Learning Technologies is an annual conference and exhibition of organisations working in the digital learning space. It’s a big date in the industry calendar and I’ve been going since 2011, but this year was my first with Make Real. I thought I was a seasoned Learn […]

Make Real to unveil immersive learning products at Learning Technologies 2019
By Sam Watts | 12th February 2019

Make Real will be showcasing their pioneering soft-skills projects, as well as hosting an off-site pop-up VR & AR lab where guests can experience the latest technology that’s set to take the industry by storm. Make Real’s portfolio of immersive projects will deliver real training impact while maximising budget. Soft Skills  A series of immersive […]

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