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Learning Cultures: Beware! Join the Discussion.
By Sophie Costin | 31st October 2019

Two weeks ago I completed what I’ve dubbed, ‘my UK tour’. Birmingham, Monday through to Wednesday for World of Learning. Then Wednesday night and Thursday in London for Digital Construction Week. I met some wonderful people during an intensive three days of chatting and hobnobbing. I had some very interesting conversations. But the fun isn’t […]

Oculus Connect 6 – It’s Business Time
By Sam Watts | 06th October 2019

Our intrepid Director of Immersive Technologies, Sam Watts, flew once more to the sunlit lowlands of San Jose, California to attend this years Oculus Connect developers event, hosted by Facebook, to hear from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Abrash and John Carmack about what the organisation has in store for VR and AR, over […]

In with the old and in with the new: reflections on VRX Europe 2019
By Sophie Costin | 29th April 2019

My biggest takeaway from this year’s VRX conference (aside from the fact that playing Angry Birds on a Magic Leap is FUN and pronouncing the names of Dutch craft ales is HARD) is that to encourage mass adoption of immersive technologies, we can’t change everything at once. VRX is positioned as Europe’s premier immersive tech […]

Learning Technologies through the eyes of a seasoned newbie
By Sophie Costin | 25th February 2019

For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure, Learning Technologies is an annual conference and exhibition of organisations working in the digital learning space. It’s a big date in the industry calendar and I’ve been going since 2011, but this year was my first with Make Real. I thought I was a seasoned Learn […]

Learning & The Mirror Neuron System
By Robin Scott | 30th November 2018

I was recently fortunate enough to attend a talk at VR Days Europe by Miriam Reiner, Head of the VR and NeuroCognition Lab at the Israel Institute of Technology Miriam has run a multitude of experiments that aim to assess how current immersive technologies can tap into the most beneficial neural systems for learning. In […]

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