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Make Real – 2019 End of Year Review
By Sam Watts | 22nd December 2019

As our favourite fictional time-traveller would say, “Oh boy!” what a year it’s been. After our first year of growth following initial investment saw 2018 move and increase the size of the team, 2019 continued the steady pace as we reached for new goals. NEWS Achievements This year we decided it was time the team […]

Make Real – 2019 Q3 Review
By Sam Watts | 30th September 2019

As the nights draw in and we contemplate what Halloween costume to wear, fireworks to buy and whether we’ve saved enough for Christmas presents for the dog, it’s time to look back at the last three months; heady warm Summer evenings, typical British weather and lots of folks on holidays meant that there wasn’t much […]

Make Real – 2019 Q2 Review
By Sam Watts | 28th June 2019

The Summer Solstice, otherwise known as the longest day of the year has been and gone, meaning it must be time for the next quarterly review of 2019 already! It’s been a busy three months as usual, with lots of projects deployed and team efforts pushing the boundaries. We are currently hiring for four open […]

Food for thought
Oculus Quest – a VR game-changer
By Sam Watts | 28th May 2019

Due to our early relationship with Oculus, through developing and releasing Radial-G : Racing Revolved and Loco Dojo VR gaming titles for Oculus Rift (+ Touch) in 2016 & 2017 respectively, we have been fortunate enough to have had our hands on the Oculus Quest dev kits (or Santa Cruz as they were called then) […]

Make Real – 2019 Q1 Review
By Sam Watts | 04th April 2019

As we struggle with our wardrobes deciding whether to wrap up for April showers or predicted heatwaves, it’s time to look back at the first quarter of 2019 and review what we’ve been up to. News The new year started how the previous year ended, with a number of new hires joining us as part […]

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