Joining forces with Basingstoke College

Partnering with Basingstoke College of Technology for immersive learning experiences

Joining forces with Basingstoke College of Technology for immersive learning experiences

Here at Make Real, we value building partnerships. They’re a crucial way for us, as a small business, to open new conversations and opportunities – and we are always keen to share our own experiences and learnings for the benefit of others.

So, we’re very pleased to share our strategic alliance with Basingstoke College of Technology, building on an already long-standing relationship. The College combines academic study alongside practical application, giving its students the ‘know-how’ and the ‘how-to’ in one. And its lecturers are committed to integrating digital skills and technology into the classroom and in its work with local businesses, which is just why our partnership makes sense.

And what will this partnership have to offer?

Real-world solutions for students

We’re dedicated to creating experiences that deliver impactful learning for real-world situations, whether it’s health and safety in construction, or our VR apps for assessing electrical and plumbing skills. As just one example, Level 3 NVQ apprentices can be assessed in in electrical, plumbing, and air-con & refrigeration systems theory with VR. They can also use our training app for Site Access Traffic Marshalls to develop understanding and skills in a safe environment, ready for the challenges of the real world.

An innovative testbed for immersive tech

We’re committed to putting our work through its paces. Every experience, app, game – you name it – is painstakingly tested by our teams, our clients, and now (where we can) by students at BCoT. In this way, we make sure everything we create is the absolute best version it can possibly be.

And more to come

We’ve already worked with the College for some time and we’re very excited to continue strengthening the relationship. Be sure to keep an eye out for more news on events and demos.

(You can read more about the partnership on the College’s website too.)

Get in touch

We’re always happy to talk to you about how immersive technologies can engage your employees and customers. If you have a learning objective in mind, or simply want to know more about emerging technologies like VR, AR, or AI, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.