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Need to know
How to Buy VR Hardware for Enterprise
By Sam Watts | 05th February 2020

How to Buy VR Hardware for Enterprise So you’ve validated your business or learning objective use case/s for deploying VR applications, you’ve gotten the relevant stakeholders on-board, you’ve determined who is making the content, either internally or via an external vendor, you have a budget, a timeframe and a pilot or rollout plan, and importantly […]

Food for thought
Sophie Costin talks about future of learning tech on The Learning Hack Podcast
By Sophie Costin | 03rd February 2020

It’s 2020; time to mix things up. I didn’t write a blog this month, but John Helmer, creator of the Learning Hack podcast, was kind enough to invite me to record an episode with him. He wanted to create an episode on learning design for unusual mediums. But how unusual is it to design learning […]

Make Real – 2019 End of Year Review
By Sam Watts | 22nd December 2019

As our favourite fictional time-traveller would say, “Oh boy!” what a year it’s been. After our first year of growth following initial investment saw 2018 move and increase the size of the team, 2019 continued the steady pace as we reached for new goals. NEWS Achievements This year we decided it was time the team […]

Food for thought
So, this is (almost) Christmas…
By Sophie Costin | 02nd December 2019

You may have noticed; we’re fast approaching the end of the year. Yikes. So, I’ve been reflecting on my first (almost*) year at Make Real. How has it been almost a year?! Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. As some of you may know, when I joined in January, my background was solely […]

Learning Cultures: Beware! Join the Discussion.
By Sophie Costin | 31st October 2019

Two weeks ago I completed what I’ve dubbed, ‘my UK tour’. Birmingham, Monday through to Wednesday for World of Learning. Then Wednesday night and Thursday in London for Digital Construction Week. I met some wonderful people during an intensive three days of chatting and hobnobbing. I had some very interesting conversations. But the fun isn’t […]

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