Month: February 2022

Need to know
Alternative device management options for standalone VR
By Sam Watts | 24th February 2022

With the recent news that the (Meta / Facebook) Oculus for Business service has now ended as of December 31st 2021, we thought it was time to look at the alternative options for existing and new management, deployment and operations tools. IMPORTANT! Please note if you have already signed up to be a customer of […]

Food for thought
What is the metaverse and what does it mean for learning & development? – Pt. 3
By Sam Watts | 22nd February 2022

We’re back once again to continue our look at what the metaverse could mean for L&D, training and simulation. In parts one & two, we looked at what it is, and isn’t, conceptual structures of the metaverse, who’s poised to contribute towards building it and some of the potential blockers to adoption. In this part […]

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