Month: January 2019

Food for thought
Make Real – What we are looking forward to in 2019
By Sam Watts | 29th January 2019

With the first month of 2019 pretty much already under our belts, it’s time to look ahead at the releases and developments we’re most looking forward to, or think will have the biggest impact this year. With CES early on in the month of January, it was announcements from HTC Vive that got us most […]

Food for thought
Lead the change in immersive technologies for learning.
By Sophie Costin | 22nd January 2019

I’ve noticed a change of late. Things we’ve spoken about for years are finally getting built. Chatbots, AI driven content and branching ‘serious’ games are no longer the stuff of blog posts or aspirational brainstorms. They’re being created, uploaded and arriving in learners’ inboxes, freshly SCORM wrapped. The eLearning industry is 20 years old this […]

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