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Getting comfortable with demoing VR
By Sam Watts | 25th February 2019

And more importantly, making your users feel comfortable when trying the experience. We recently held a client workshop looking into how they can integrate immersive technologies into their work, and when it’s right to do so. A theme emerged from conversations with the attendees on responsible xR and making the person in the experience comfortable […]

We’re hiring!
By Sam Watts | 03rd September 2018

As part of the start of our investment growth, we are starting to build up the team here at in the Brighton, UK studio. You may have read about The Drawing Board creation, our new internal R&D team, and we’re looking for a developer to join the designer and artist already on-board. Full job spec […]

Make Real 2017 – End of Year Review
By Sam Watts | 18th December 2017

Whilst we take a short breather at the end of another fantastic year before kicking off the next, have a read about some of our highlights from the year. Since each quarter has been covered in depth previously here, here, here and here, this post acts as a summary of our achievements and developments. We’ll also avoid […]

Make Real – 2017 Q4 Review
By Sam Watts | 18th December 2017

The final quarter of the year continued the trend from the previous with the external team out and about at a series of events around the UK and further afield overseas. Whilst there were a couple of updates to existing products previously released, there were a number of new projects signed that will significantly increase […]

A Series of Events
By Sam Watts | 03rd October 2017

This year has been extra busy for the external-facing team attending, organising and participating in a variety of events around learning & development, training, health & safety, marketing, construction, gaming and out-of-home experiential VR content. See below for a brief overview of each of the events we’ve been at, spreading the word about the power of […]

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