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Make Real – 2020 Q1 Review
By Sam Watts | 03rd April 2020

The first calendar quarter of the year has come to a close, on what has turned out to be turbulent time globally for everyone. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic creates the most news and coverage in the real world and we have had to shift the studio operations to remote working like many other organisations lucky […]

Food for thought
Using VR For More Than Learning & Games
By Sam Watts | 18th March 2020

Here at Make Real, we’re strong believers in VR and the wide set of use cases for it, beyond just the sectors that we actively service within learning & development, training, simulation and entertainment. Whilst the team is remotely working from home during the current pandemic, here’s a list of some VR titles we’re using […]

Food for thought
Using Immersive Technologies for Remote Working
By Sam Watts | 13th March 2020

In the wake of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, immersive technologies have been thrust into the limelight as a potential solution to organisations suddenly finding themselves having to enforce working from home for their employees, or seeing events and travel arrangements cancelled. As a result there is a mixed bag of coverage around the viability […]

Need to know
The Importance of Headset Hygiene
By Sam Watts | 08th March 2020

Here at Make Real, we are putting people into VR and AR headsets all the time, including ourselves, whether it be in the studio, the VRLab, at event expo booths, client demos or deployments, even LBE VR Arcade spaces indirectly. We always follow a strict hygiene procedure to ensure that our headsets are clean and […]

Need to know
Getting comfortable with demoing VR
By Sam Watts | 25th February 2019

And more importantly, making your users feel comfortable when trying the experience. We recently held a client workshop looking into how they can integrate immersive technologies into their work, and when it’s right to do so. A theme emerged from conversations with the attendees on responsible xR and making the person in the experience comfortable […]

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