Make Real to unveil immersive learning products at Learning Technologies 2019

Make Real will be showcasing their pioneering soft-skills projects, as well as hosting an off-site pop-up VR & AR lab where guests can experience the latest technology that’s set to take the industry by storm.

Make Real’s portfolio of immersive projects will deliver real training impact while maximising budget.

Soft Skills 

A series of immersive experiences that cover common situations that occur in office environments including ‘Dealing with difficult conversations’ and ‘Personal vitality & resilience’.

Using immersive technology, users can see the impact of their conversation choices on other characters in the virtual environment.

Using head tracking, trainers and facilitators are able to observe how often the user makes eye contact and where they look during the experiences.

Working at Height 

An immersive experience designed to raise awareness of the dangers and risks of working at height.

Step into the shoes of a rookie telecommunications engineer tasked with realigning a rooftop microwave antenna. You select the equipment needed for the job and conduct a risk assessment of the rooftop site before eventually climbing the mast and carrying out a realignment procedure.

Those with an Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR device, can try the Vodafone ‘Working At Height’ experience:


A VR training solution designed to help train workers to be effective Reversing Assistants, RearGuard aims to reduce preventable accidents that can result in death, injury and damage to property caused by large vehicles reversing.

Immersed in realistic simulations of common scenarios faced by refuse collection crews, users are able to learn and practice – in absolute safety – the fundamental principles, positioning techniques and hand signals required to assist drivers of large vehicles to complete reversing manoeuvres safely.

“We are very excited to be premiering a number of our latest immersive products at Learning Technologies. The L&D sector is rapidly grasping the benefits of carefully considered immersive technologies for impactful digital learning. Whereas it used to be can be considered only suitable for hands-on, repetitive maintenance training, we’re delighting and surprising with our soft-skills use cases. We encourage LT19 attendees to come and experience for themselves” – Sam Watts – Director of Immersive Technologies

Secret R&D products

In addition to Make Real’s stand at Learning Technologies 2019, the team will also be showcasing confidential R&D products at a nearby location. To learn more or book an appointment, contact

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