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Enable EDF Energy to meet their target to install 2M smart meters in customers’ homes. Training the process of swapping traditional meters for smart meters is covered but EDF Energy wanted to ensure new engineers were able to be trained in the possible environmental barriers they could come across when entering customers’ homes.

Use Case

By allowing learners to transport themselves to series of real world scenarios, they are able to learn and practice interactions with customers at their own pace whilst research shows immersion and presence in VR places users in others’ shoes, creating empathy. This sense of being enables EDF Energy to create a range of scenarios around meter installation that cannot be controlled or directed in a live training environment believably.

Proof of Concept

Having previously created Full VR proof of concept for EDF Energy, in the form of The V.O.I.D and Reactor Builder applications, stakeholders were already engaged with the possibilities and benefits of immersive technologies. Building upon design considerations learned through development of the PROCAT NVQ Lvl-III VR assessment tools, Click Mobile expanded upon the interactions made possible through the inclusion of virtual tools, tablets and simulated software applications within the environment being replicated


Oculus Rift & Touch with two-sensor front-facing setup for ease of deployment at scale within EDF Energy Campus and associated training rooms nationwide. Design of the virtual environment included teleport-to marks and Touch joystick rotation to enable learners to move around within larger virtual spaces than the physical training space allowed. Oculus Touch controllers allow natural hand presence and input with finger tracking for real world replications of interactions, like pressing a doorbell buzzer.


Key Facts
Date Deployed
Oculus Rift + Touch
Key Features
Environmental awareness
Installation procedures
Virtual Tablet simulation

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