Rear Guard

What is it?

A Virtual Reality training application for vehicle reversing assistants working in waste management and deliveries


  • 5 standardised residential training scenarios

  • Based upon loader training by BIFFA

  • Repeatable scored practice mode

  • Refuse Collection & 2-Person Delivery vehicle options

  • British English VoiceOver for all instructions

  • Hand-tracking input**

  • Compatible with The Immerse Platform


  • Train anywhere, safely & efficiently

  • Remove the need for vehicle & yard access

  • Reduce interruption to operations

  • Increase training time ROI

  • Repeatable for perfection or practice

  • No controllers makes gestures natural**


* Licence seat is perpetual with no annual renewal fees
** Available as free update H2 2021

Software Licence:
Suitable for owners of Oculus VR hardware
1x licence seat*
Gain access to full training experience v1.0
VR Hardware Supported
Rift, Rift S, Quest

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