What is it?

Gestural is a Make Real-developed Virtual Reality input system that allows natural, hand gesture-based input for training and simulation experiences


  • A fully tracked controller input system that plugs into Unity 3D engine to incorporate hand gestures into immersive learning experiences easily

  • Customisation of hand gestures tracked and determined as valid input for signalling, manoeuvres and control

  • Functions via tracked motion input controllers or tracked human hands*


  • Enables learners to recreate real world gestures within training for greater accuracy

  • Ensures correct gestures are learned and carried out by learners
  • No controllers improves ease of use and operation*

  • Provides natural gesture input

As supported in:

  • Rear Guard
  • Keltbray – Signal Slinger
  • Keltbray – Traffic Marshalling
  • HeliWave


* Tracked human hands input coming H2’20



Supported Input:
Tracked VR Controllers
Tracked Human Hands*
HTC Vive Trackers
VR Hardware Supported
Rift, Rift S, Quest
Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Pro Eye
HTC Vive

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