What is it?

Dialogic is a Make Real software tool created for the purpose of streamlining and defining interpersonal dialogue tree logic and scripts within immersive learning experiences.


  • Branching narrative system designed to improve workflows between script writers and developers

  • Streamlined process for immersive content development around interpersonal (soft skills) training
  • Complex logic controls for multiple narrative outcomes

  • Script-to-screen process providing external language translation switching
  • Provides linking logic between 3D avatar facial and body capture animation, playback and lip-syncing


  • Greatly reduces development time from script writing to development logic in code

  • Enables content to be generated that can be translated externally and incorporated without hard coded fixes
  • Creates more depth of narrative and fluidity of interpersonal interactions

  • Ensures narrative style and learning outcomes are retained from design to deployment
  • Enables more realistic, believable 3D character avatars for interaction and training outcomes

As supported in:



Supported Input:
Tracked VR Controllers
Tracked Human Hands*
HTC Vive Trackers
VR Hardware Supported
Rift, Rift S, Quest, Go
Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Pro Eye, Vive Focus Plus
HTC Vive

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