SkillShield: Total Review

What is it?

SkillShield: Total Review is a Virtual Reality training application support tool that enables video of the immersive learning experience and learner to be captured, forming a single, unified learner record, developed in partnership with Keltbray xR.

This single learner record provides assurance and irrefutable evidence, safeguarding your training.

Also available for integration with 3rd-party VR content, SkillShield is believed to be unique in VR training industry.


  • Live video stream from Windows-PC desktop or laptop webcam
  • Live video stream from Oculus Quest VR device running supported immersive learning applications*
  • Ability to pair & connect Oculus Quest VR device to Windows-PC desktop or laptop over WiFi
  • Ability to live stream combined video capture as a single feed to remote viewers
  • Virtual assessment, real evidence


  • Provides video and text record of competency
  • Captures ‘in-game’ and webcam video of training
  • Enables remote assessment of competency
  • Provides video evidence for litigation situations
  • Collected data helps improve training and VR experience design

Simple to Setup

  • In-application tutorials
  • Saves data to CSV and MP4
  • Oculus Quest native support


In 2022, KXR and Make Real won The Learning Performance Institute – The Learning AwardsLearning Technologies Award (bronze) for SkillShield. The application has also been nominated as finalist in the following award categories: Learning Technologies Awards 2021Most Innovative New Learning Product & AIXR VRAwards 2021Best Enterprise XR Solution

*Current supported immersive learning applications include:

**SkillShield is included in the cost of these VR training applications

Further Info
Data-driven improvement
Video Competency Record
Dispute Resolution
Remote Assessment
Hardware Supported
Quest, Quest 2
Desktops, Laptops
Windows PC
Recommended Hardware
Intel i7 2.8GHz
16 Gb
Graphics Card
Operating System
Windows 10

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