What is it?

A Virtual Reality (VR) training and assessment application for crane slinger/signallers on construction sites, using natural gestures


  • Practical assessment:
    • Selection of correct slings
    • Perform a trial lift
    • Lifting loads to a designated area
  • Theory test:
    • General lifting knowledge
    • Inspection requirements
    • Mode factors
  • Compatible with MRKL: Skill Shield Total Recall

  • Compatible with The Immerse Platform
  • British English VoiceOver for all instructions


  • Provides irrefutable video learner evidence
  • Train anywhere, safely & efficiently

  • Remove the need for vehicle & yard access

  • Reduce interruption to operations

  • Increase training time ROI

  • Repeatable for perfection or practice

* Licence seats can be purchased on a month-by-month, annual or perpetual basis. Contact us for more information.


Software Licence:
Suitable for owners of Oculus VR hardware
1x licence seat*
Gain access to full training experience v1.0
VR Hardware Supported
Quest, Quest 2

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