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Honda – Powerdown VR
By Sam Watts | 26th November 2020

Following on from the successful VR prototype created to validate use cases of immersive technologies for automotive training, we created a fully-fledged training experience around the process to powerdown electric vehicles before carrying out routine service and maintenance. Full case study coming soon! Contact us now for more information

Severn Trent – Chemical Delivery
By Sam Watts | 26th November 2020

Following on from the successful deployment of the Coaching and Lifting immersive learning experiences on Oculus Quest standalone VR headsets, Severn Trent approached Make Real with a desire to create an engaging collaborative learning experience around the topic of chemical deliveries. As a result we delivered a serious game application that used Apple iPads and Oculus Quest […]

CITB / TunnelSkills – Induction Suite
By Sam Watts | 24th November 2020

Challenge Inducting workers onto tunnelling sites is time consuming and potentially dangerous with tight, cramped working conditions. Onboarding new employees needs to be safe but able to convey the numerous dangers and procedures required to operate within guidelines underground. Our challenge was to create induction content by incorporating immersive technologies and finding an engaging way […]

Transport for London – Every Journey Matters
By Sam Watts | 23rd November 2020

As a result of the projects completed with CITB, Network Rail, Tunnelskills and Keltbray, TfL approached Make Real to create a bespoke immersive learning experience using VR to cover aspects of site induction and the necessary health, safety and well-being aspects of the large construction project in London, Crossrail. Challenge Create an immersive learning experience […]

SkillShield: Total Review
By Sam Watts | 09th October 2020

What is it? SkillShield: Total Review is a Virtual Reality training application support tool that enables video of the immersive learning experience and learner to be captured, forming a single, unified learner record, developed in partnership with Keltbray xR. This single learner record provides assurance and irrefutable evidence, safeguarding your training. Also available for integration […]

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