Brand: Severn Trent

Severn Trent – Chemical Delivery
By Sam Watts | 25th November 2020

Following on from the successful deployment of the Coaching and Lifting immersive learning experiences on Oculus Quest standalone VR headsets, Severn Trent approached Make Real with a desire to create an engaging collaborative learning experience around the topic of chemical deliveries. As a result we delivered a serious game application that used Apple iPads and Oculus Quest […]

Severn Trent – Lifting
By Sam Watts | 24th November 2020

Following on from the successful deployment of the Severn Trent – Coaching and Chemical Deliveries immersive learning experiences, the organisation wanted to create an in-depth, technical training experience using VR to provide real data-driven metrics and feedback for their lifting and manhole maintenance crews. Full case study coming soon! Contact us now for more information  

Severn Trent – Coaching
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 03rd February 2020

A need to upskill new managers As one of Britain’s largest water companies, Severn Trent provides over eight million people across its region with water every day. So, its call centres need to be ready to service the enquiries of this massive customer base, led by a group of Customer Contact Leaders across the business. […]

Severn Trent – Water Leak Resolution
By Sam Watts | 02nd January 2018

Challenge The main challenge the team faced was to find ways of making the tasks to be carried out in the virtual world sufficiently comparable to tasks required to be carried out in the real world, ensuring the training impact was measurable when employees were actually out in the field doing their job for real. […]

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