Brand: EDF Energy

Client Focus: EDF Energy
By Sam Watts | 05th June 2020

Make Real began working with EDF Energy in early 2014, making the organisation one of our earliest immersive technology clients to date. As an organisation, they were keen to explore and embrace emerging immersive technologies for learning & development, training and simulation, to create appeal to the workforces of the future and to apply their […]

EDF Energy – Sentinel
By Sam Watts | 01st June 2019

Challenge Control room simulators vary from plant to plant across the fleet, but none were able to simulate or train operators on how to use the market reporting compliance tools, called Sentinel without doing on-the-job learning with live systems, which comes with inherent risks. Bespoke systems could be created although none had been deemed a […]

EDF Energy – ClickMobile
By mainadmin | 01st February 2019

Challenge Enable EDF Energy to meet their target to install 2M smart meters in customers’ homes. Training the process of swapping traditional meters for smart meters is covered but EDF Energy wanted to ensure new engineers were able to be trained in the possible environmental barriers they could come across when entering customer’s homes Use […]

EDF Energy – HPC iMap
By mainadmin | 02nd January 2017

Challenge The HPC team at EDF Energy wanted to create a navigational aid for official partners and visitors to the construction site, initially to correlate real world markers to information about and around final intended development outcomes, then as part of a wider deployment within visitor centres Use Case An average construction site is always […]

EDF Energy – HPC Explorer
By mainadmin | 01st January 2017

Challenge EDF Energy approached Make Real to create an application that showed off the capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality hardware, based upon the ongoing suite of tools being created around the construction of Hinkley Point C (HPC) Use Case EDF Energy had already explored the use of VR and mobile AR but wanted […]

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