Brand: CITB

CITB / TunnelSkills – Induction Suite
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 24th November 2020

Challenge Inducting workers onto tunnelling sites is time consuming and potentially dangerous with tight, cramped working conditions. Onboarding new employees needs to be safe but able to convey the numerous dangers and procedures required to operate within guidelines underground. Our challenge was to create induction content by incorporating immersive technologies and finding an engaging way […]

CITB / BAM Nuttall – Highways Induction
By Sam Watts | 15th December 2019

Challenge Inducting workers onto highways construction sites is time consuming and repetitive for those who work for short periods on multiple sites. Attention and engagement levels are therefore low with language often a barrier to non-native English speakers. As part of their repair work on the M5 Oldbury flyover, BAM Nuttall had introduced a sequence […]

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