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Lloyds Banking Group – Race Education
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 10th November 2023

The reality of diversity Lloyds Banking Group is committed to creating a more inclusive future for its employees and customers. And it’s committed to challenging racism and discrimination. Stats from the UK Stuart Spencer Board showed that Lloyds had to close the gap in its organisation and leadership. The challenge – giving employees the tools […]

Lloyds Banking Group – Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances
By Sam Watts | 06th December 2020

The challenge At any given time, around 26 million people in the UK show signs of vulnerability which puts them at risk of financial harm. For bank workers on the frontline of customer services, it’s important to be able to spot the signs that mark customers out as potentially vulnerable. But more than that, bank […]

Lloyds Banking Group – Introduction to Empathy
By Sam Watts | 09th September 2020

The challenge Efficiency and professionalism are essential for giving customers great service. But it’s just as important for customers to feel that they’ve been heard and understood. In its ambition to be the best bank for customers, Lloyds embarked on a project to channel empathy in colleagues, especially for those who work directly with customers […]

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