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EDF Energy – HPC Visitor Centre
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 11th November 2021

Educating visitors about the creation of energy EDF Energy is constructing two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C – the first new stations in two decades – to provide zero-carbon electricity for around six million homes in Britain. EDF wanted to create a space that would educate visitors about the urgent need for low-carbon energy, […]

Ents Inc – Chaos Karts
By Sam Watts | 11th August 2021

The Ents Inc approached Make Real to help them build a prototype Augmented Reality (AR) go-karting experience to gain further funding for a fully-fledged, location-based entertainment experience. Challenge Initially the main challenge was to create a prototype experience that validated the concept of being able to project virtual race tracks whilst tracking electric go-karts within […]

Roto VR – Platform Development
By Sam Watts | 09th December 2020

Suite of development works supporting the launch of the consumer and commercial launches of the Roto VR 360º motorised immersive chair hardware, including developer plugin, game developer, chair owner and operator web portals and animated ident for experience application stings. Full case study coming soon! Contact us now for more information

EDF Energy – Sentinel
By Sam Watts | 01st June 2019

Challenge Control room simulators vary from plant to plant across the fleet, but none were able to simulate or train operators on how to use the market reporting compliance tools, called Sentinel, without doing on-the-job learning with live systems which comes with inherent risks. Bespoke systems could be created although none had been deemed a […]

McDonald’s – Follow Our Foodsteps
By mainadmin | 01st January 2016

Challenge According to the Food and Drink Federation, there is a need to attract 109,000 new recruits into the food industry by 2022. As one of the largest customers of British agriculture, McDonald’s UK looked to lead the way with the ‘Follow Our Foodsteps’ campaign in kick-starting a new recruitment drive needed to safeguard the […]

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