Technology: Augmented Reality

CITB / BAM Nuttall – Highways Induction
By Sam Watts | 15th December 2019

Challenge Inducting workers onto highways construction sites is time consuming and repetitive for those who work for short periods on multiple sites. Attention and engagement levels are therefore low with language often a barrier to non-native English speakers. As part of their repair work on the M5 Oldbury flyover, BAM Nuttall had introduced a sequence […]

CreativeXR – Time Machine
By Sam Watts | 01st June 2019

Challenge Create a narrative experience utilising immersive technologies in ways that will drive audience adoption forward through engagement and innovation, whilst enabling venues to operate a performance model that would allow them to generate actual revenue, rather than relying upon funding commissions to show immersive experiences. Use Case CreativeXR is funded by Digital Catapult and […]

Deloitte – Zurich Insurance Smart Home AR
By Sam Watts | 01st January 2019

Challenge Design, build and deploy an iPhone / iOS AR application for a key internal event within two weeks, without direct access to the remote location or event space, which was in high demand due to construction and availability of build team Use Case Zurich Insurance had instructed Deloitte to create a mobile AR application […]

TEQ4 – Kravis Discovery Centre
By Sam Watts | 01st January 2017

Challenge Over 70 networked Android tablet devices had to be instantly accessible to visitors, via the unique tablet wall display housed within the Welcome Centre. Mixing old, existing and new technologies meant that multiple failovers, fall-back stacks were put into place in case of device conflicts, allowing graceful degradation of features without impacting the visitor […]

L3 – RealitySeven Sales Toolkit
By mainadmin | 01st January 2015

Challenge Link Training and Simulation approached Make Real to create a sales toolkit to work across a range of devices, that would allow their sales teams to highlight and showcase the unique features and benefits of the RealitySeven full-flight simulator hardware and software training platforms. Use Case Full-flight simulators are vast hardware units, deployed in […]

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