Deloitte – Zurich Insurance Smart Home AR


Design, build and deploy an iPhone / iOS AR application for a key internal event within two weeks, without direct access to the remote location or event space, which was in high demand due to construction and availability of build team.

Use Case

Zurich Insurance had instructed Deloitte to create a mobile AR application that showcased the benefits of integrating smart home devices to reduce risk and therefore insurance claims that offered a unique perspective on residential impact whilst being located at events.


Built in Unity using ARkit across 10 iPhone XR mobile handsets, tracking four AR markers to trigger 3D scenes in place within the physical spacial dimensions of the event booth.


Since we were unable to gain direct access to the event space for testing of deployment, we were reliant upon the onsite team to test, feedback and provide appropriate media to highlight misalignment or lighting issues.


Rapid iteration in the studio with test AR markers placed around the space. Careful balance of AR marker design for effectiveness of triggering and adherence to brand guidelines and event space look & feel. Using TestFlight and Apple Developer deployment to remote devices for onsite team to test and feedback upon accuracy of 3D asset placement, triggering responsiveness under a range of lighting conditions and overall ease of use.


Zurich Insurance ran a series of successful internal events aimed at raising employee awareness of their new products coming to market for customers, home and enterprise alike.

Key Facts
Data Deployed
Apple iPhone XR
Key Features
Triggered AR markers
Positional tracking
Remote deployment

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