L3 – RealitySeven Sales Toolkit


Link Training and Simulation approached Make Real to create a sales toolkit to work across a range of devices, that would allow their sales teams to highlight and showcase the unique features and benefits of the RealitySeven full-flight simulator hardware and software training platforms.

Use Case

Full-flight simulators are vast hardware units, deployed in hangers, requiring a large footprint for the motion cockpit and associated support systems. They are also hugely expensive, albeit less expensive than an actual airplane, and typically configured for a single cockpit manufacturer and layout. Therefore gaining access to a real world FFS is costly in terms of operation time, travel to a fixed location and interruption to standard operating procedures.


To support the sales team available devices, AR applications were created for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets whilst an HD version was created for Windows PC and Mac laptops and desktops.


Stemming from a single code base built in Unity, Make Real was able to create HD applications running on Windows and Apple Macbook desktops and laptops, as well as Apple iPads and Apple and Android mobile phone handsets that utilised AR technology to make the motion platform simulator come alive in the real world. 

Each platform needed to be taken advantage of to ensure differing capabilities were best utilised to provide a meaningful, impactful experience for the sales teams and their associates.


Link Training & Simulation were able to take the suite of applications on the road to a series of events, incorporating the AR markers into their booth design. This allowed them to showcase the mobile application to attendees as a draw / wow-factor element before taking them through the full HD applications on a one-to-one basis, either on their PC/Mac laptops or Apple iPads.

Feedback from Link confirms that the easy-to-use nature was greatly appreciated by the sales team and the interactive elements really highlighted and showcased the “hot-swappable” benefits of the RealitySeven full-flight simulator and platform for potential customers.

Key Facts
Date Deployed
Apple iPad / iOS & Android (AR)
Key Features
Playful sales toolkit
Conversation starter
Visual messaging of USP

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