L3 – Schneider Trucks


L3 approached Make Real to work with their client Schneider Trucks in the US, to take them on a journey of increasing the levels of immersion and interactivity within their driver training solutions, delivered via traditional screen-based flat elearning content.

Use Case

Schneider Trucks are one of the largest haulage and distribution companies in the US and as part of their driver training programme, wanted to raise the quality and impact of their content, as well as the ease-of-access so that employees and franchise drivers could access content on the go, rather than having to travel to a driver training centre.


All content was delivered over the web via the Schneider Trucks Learning Management System (LMS) either to laptop or in-cab Qualcomm MCP 200 computer device. Content traditionally delivered via Flash files was upgraded to HTML5 to accommodate the depreciation of Flash support within internet browsers.


The initial proof of concept took existing learning materials and converted them into HTML5 format for deployment, creating the ability to carry out side-by-side comparison for quality, filesize and compatibility with devices. Due to changes to the expected timelines for rollout of newer devices, it was determined that content would continue to be delivered via Flash for the immediate future.


The content creation process changed over the duration of the project Master Services Agreement and annual Statement of Works, from Flash to Animate to HTML5. Due to the nature of the end content delivery devices and LMS, there were strict filesize and overall learning package deployment limitations that required considered optimisation and creation of audio/visual content elements.


Whilst the limitation and timelines around the in-cab device deployment schedule reduced the impact and potential for the HTML5-based versions of the courses, the Make Real project team worked with the clients to improve efficiencies around content creation, development and deployment, reducing overall turnaround time for deliveries of new and updated course materials to Schneider Trucks drivers new and existing.

Key Facts
Date Deployed
Web browser
Key Features
Highly optimised for file size limitations
Full video and voice-over
Challenging delivery schedule

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