RS Components – Sales Toolkit


Create a tool that is employee, customer and general public facing, to be used with or without assistance or sales team member being present at events.

Use Case

Create an application that helps the sales team understand and communicate the various positions RS Components operates or offers services within the electrical device development process.


The application was dual-platform, running on iPads and corporate Windows-based laptops, with entry-level 3D graphics capabilities.


Design and development was carried out in collaboration with RS Components stakeholders and members of an external design and market research agency.

In order to meet the requirement of being able to hide/show relevant data and sections based upon the user type, a backend Content Management System (CMS) was created within Unity 3D engine, so future updates could be carried out and product data populated by members of the sales team. This included PDF and case study data to accompany specific customer types and related products to be showcased.

The realtime 3D graphical aspects, showing an animated walk-through of a typical process of picking an electronic component and the resulting journey through the warehouse to packing, was highly stylised and optimised for tablets and low-power laptops, whilst ensuring effort to highlight the key stages and details required.


Feedback from the client after using the toolkit at events, aided and unaided, alongside the animated sequence being shown on large TV screens around the booth was overwhelmingly positive in regards to ease-of-use and the improved communication points and customer drivers to relevant case studies. Being able to discuss a customer journey with an interactive aid, greatly enhanced the competency and positioning of the team members in relation to the specific customer position within the device development process.

Key Facts
Date Deployed
iPad / PC Laptop
Key Features
3-in-1 communication tool
Discussion starting point
Future content CMS

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