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JISC – Natalie 4.0
By Sam Watts | 01st May 2019

Challenge Create an immersive experience showcasing future educational uses of technology, striking a careful balance between what is just about possible now but likely will be mainstream in 10 years time, without suggesting there is cause for concern among the audience viewers, many of whom would be directly affected by advances and introduction of devices […]

Google – Daydream VR Impact
By Sam Watts | 01st December 2018

Challenge Confirm the use of immersive technologies for good, to enable members of Stay Up Late charity, specifically for people with learning disabilities, to gain confidence for more social activities. Use Case Working with members of local learning disabilities charity Stay Up Late, create a series of 360° films of entertainment venues. These would provide […]

Immersive VR Education – Titanic PS VR
By mainadmin | 01st January 2018

Challenge IVRE once again approached Make Real, following on from the work completed on the Apollo 11 VR experience, to take their next PC VR experience “Titanic VR” to the Sony PlayStation VR platform, carrying out the optimisation, integration and submission process as required. Having developed and released “Radial-G : Racing Revolved” for the platform, […]

EDF Energy – HPC iMap
By mainadmin | 02nd January 2017

Challenge The HPC team at EDF Energy wanted to create a navigational aid for official partners and visitors to the construction site, initially to correlate real world markers to information about and around final intended development outcomes, then as part of a wider deployment within visitor centres Use Case An average construction site is always […]

Immersive VR Education – Apollo 11 Mobile VR
By mainadmin | 01st January 2017

Challenge Immersive VR Education approached Make Real looking to port their Apollo 11 VR experience from Oculus Rift (PC VR) to the Samsung Gear VR (mobile VR) platform, to take the narrative and immersive experiences to wider audiences. Use Case Being an educational application experience, IVRE wanted to widen the potential audience for the Apollo […]

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