Measurable Benefits of VR Training

Since the launch of the 4th wave of Virtual Reality (VR) in 2013, many experts have spoken of the benefits of using the technology for learning & development, training and simulation. However many of these benefits have been little more than vague statements without any substantiated proof or empirical evidence.

Therefore we decided to carry out our own research with the purpose to create a report,  to present the deeper- dives, research and studies carried out over the past few years, into the measurable effectiveness of using VR by learners and organisations.

Across a range of sectors, from AEC to retail to automotive, there have been many statements around the benefits of using VR.

The most common of these have been compiled below as a primer of where VR has a role to play.

  • Learner “superpowers” – Gives learners enhanced capabilities, tools and confidence
  • Reduced time to train – Learning objectives can be delivered in shorter sessions anywhere
  • Reduced costs to train – Learners do not need access to real world assets or travel for training
  • Reduced risks of training – Virtual scenarios allow safe fail states without real world repercussion
  • Improved training scenarios – Edge cases and greater depth of interaction and involvement
  • Greater knowledge retention – Learn by doing, building up muscle memory
  • Deeper formed memories – Greater number of senses involved with learning
  • Greater memory recall – Greater knowledge retention and deeper memories to draw upon later
  • Repeatable – Virtual simulations can be easily replayed and repeated or customised
  • Consistent – Many forms of traditional training suffer from consistency of training where humans are involved to provide the same level of quality over and over

However we wanted to discover the data behind these claims, so set about to find any many publicly available studies and papers available to compile into our own report.

Download our report now to see how the statistics show VR can benefit training and read our findings and conclusion on what these metrics mean

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