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How to Buy VR Hardware for Enterprise
By Sam Watts | 05th February 2020

How to Buy VR Hardware for Enterprise So you’ve validated your business or learning objective use case/s for deploying VR applications, you’ve gotten the relevant stakeholders on-board, you’ve determined who is making the content, either internally or via an external vendor, you have a budget, a timeframe and a pilot or rollout plan, and importantly […]

Need to know
What is xR? And what you need to know about it
By Sam Watts | 05th March 2019

First of all, what is xR? It’s the collective term for immersive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) – we’ll get onto what those mean and their differences next. These are made using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). When someone is referring to xR, they aren’t defining a specific […]

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Where is the xR Industry heading?
By Sam Watts | 04th March 2019

Before we look forward at where technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality (which fall under the umbrella term ‘xR’) are heading, it’s important to understand where the technology came from. The History of Immersive Technology The components of this technology date further back than you think, to 1912. With the Battle of Borodino of […]

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Getting comfortable with demoing VR
By Sam Watts | 25th February 2019

And more importantly, making your users feel comfortable when trying the experience. We recently held a client workshop looking into how they can integrate immersive technologies into their work, and when it’s right to do so. A theme emerged from conversations with the attendees on responsible xR and making the person in the experience comfortable […]

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VRFocus Studio Profile
By Sam Watts | 16th November 2018

We invited VR industry-facing news website VRFocus to the studio to come talk to the directors and team about where Make Real came from, what we’re currently cooking and with the recent investment news, where we’re planning on going in the short, mid- and long-term future. See below for a series of video interviews: Robin […]

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