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Food for thought
The future of gaming – inclusivity and community
By Sam Roach | 30th July 2019

Our takeaways from Gamelab 2019 Barcelona Last month, we sent Sam Roach, an xR developer here at Make Real to attend Gamelab – an annual games and interactive entertainment conference held in Barcelona. Gamelab 2019 saw the likes of speakers from Blizzard Entertainment, PUBG, FIFA and Sony. The event seemed to tackle and discuss three […]

Food for thought
Stranger than fiction: how will we tell stories in VR?
By Sophie Costin | 28th June 2019

Storytelling is the oldest form of learning design. It’s when we moved from simply passing on behaviours and techniques and found a way to communicate meaning, concepts and heritage. Storytelling is facts + emotion. That’s what makes it so amazing for learning. Stories don’t just engage the left side of our brain, the side that […]

Food for thought
Oculus Quest – a VR game-changer
By Sam Watts | 28th May 2019

Due to our early relationship with Oculus, through developing and releasing Radial-G : Racing Revolved and Loco Dojo VR gaming titles for Oculus Rift (+ Touch) in 2016 & 2017 respectively, we have been fortunate enough to have had our hands on the Oculus Quest dev kits (or Santa Cruz as they were called then) […]

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