Brand: NHS

NHS VR Experience Delivers Blood ID and Storage Training
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 03rd August 2023

What is it? The Blood Identification VR app is designed to show learners the consequences of administering a transfusion following incorrect blood identification, emphasizing the relationship between blood identification processes and patient wellbeing. The client for this project is NHSBT, the National Health Service Blood and Transplant in the UK. They are a key authority […]

NHS – Aseptic Technique VR
By Sam Watts | 08th November 2021

What is it? This is one of a pair of VR projects we created for NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) on clean room procedure. While the Clean Room VR experience enables users to practice end to end clean room procedure, from gowning to exiting the room and degowning, this experience focuses on the asceptic techniques […]

NHS – Clean Room VR
By Sam Watts | 08th December 2020

Full VR training experience continuing immersive learning experiences to reduce waste materials output as a result of necessary training, whilst focusing upon the importance of cleaning processes before entering secure environments. Developed in conjunction with NHS BT Aseptic Technique VR. Full case study coming soon! Contact us now for more information

NHS – Tile Blood Grouping VR
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 02nd April 2020

Challenge Blood type identification is a simple and common process, but the effects of getting it wrong can be devastating. Even a small amount of transfused blood of the wrong type can very quickly cause serious illness & even death. Use Case The primary purpose of this experience, as outlined by the requirement of the […]

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