Brand: IVRE

Immersive VR Education – Titanic PS VR
By mainadmin | 01st January 2018

Challenge IVRE once again approached Make Real, following on from the work completed on the Apollo 11 VR experience, to take their next PC VR experience “Titanic VR” to the Sony PlayStation VR platform, carrying out the optimisation, integration and submission process as required. Having developed and released “Radial-G : Racing Revolved” for the platform, […]

Immersive VR Education – Apollo 11 Mobile VR
By mainadmin | 01st January 2017

Challenge Immersive VR Education approached Make Real looking to port their Apollo 11 VR experience from Oculus Rift (PC VR) to the Samsung Gear VR (mobile VR) platform, to take the narrative and immersive experiences to wider audiences. Use Case Being an educational application experience, IVRE wanted to widen the potential audience for the Apollo […]

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