Brand: Google

Google – Daydream VR Impact
By Sam Watts | 01st December 2018

Challenge Confirm the use of immersive technologies for good, to enable members of Stay Up Late charity, specifically for people with learning disabilities, to gain confidence for more social activities. Use Case Working with members of local learning disabilities charity Stay Up Late, create a series of 360° films of entertainment venues. These would provide […]

Google – Blink Escape
By Sam Watts | 01st January 2016

Challenge Create a comfortable mobile VR experience that showcased the features of the Google Cardboard v2 headset Hardware Google Cardboard v2 was introduced at Google I/O event in 2016, adding a physical button to the simple mobile VR headset Build Created in Unity in collaboration with Austella and Google Cardboard design team, Blink Escape allowed players […]

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