Author: Natalie Cregan-Evans

Attendees at a Learning Technologies talk.
Food for thought
Our social learning superpower
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 29th May 2024

Over the last few years, there have been massive shifts in not just the way we work, but the way we learn. In this blog, we’ll cover how we’ve used digital social learning to recapture the magic that can happen when we come together to share knowledge – whether we’re gathering remotely, in a hybrid […]

Members of the Institution of Civil Engineers and Make Real accept a Bett Award from Lucy Porter.
Food for thought
Two in a row for Make Real & ICE with Bett Awards
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 05th February 2024

After a well-deserved break over the Christmas holidays, we hit the ground running in January with plenty of projects to crack on with and events to prepare for. In the midst of all that, we also had another award ceremony to attend – this time, our work with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the […]

A screenshot showing virtual participants in a Spatial gathering.
Food for thought
Navigating the hype – uncovering the real value in emerging technologies
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 18th January 2024

As we wave farewell to 2023, a year full of innovations and the inevitable whirlwind of excitement around them, it’s vital to cut through the noise and uncover the actual value they can bring to the table. The constant stream of updates, releases, and heightened interest in technologies like artificial intelligence, spatial computing, and the […]

A group photo of Make Real team members and Institution of Civil Engineer team members winning a Gold award.
A golden time at Learning Technologies 2023
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 24th November 2023

Autumn came around in the blink of an eye this year and, with it, awards season is upon us. Last week saw us glam up once again for the Learning Technologies Awards – where our work with the Institution of Civil Engineers on CityZen had been shortlisted for Best Learning Game. The competition was tough, […]

Make Real Managing Director giving a presentation
Food for thought
Getting started with AI for learning – our experiments with diagnostic AI
By Natalie Cregan-Evans | 30th October 2023

Here at Make Real, over the last few months, we’ve been on a journey exploring what AI has to offer the world of learning – and specifically, what diagnostic AI can do to enhance learning performance. We’re not AI experts; we’re users and practitioners, just like you. We want to demystify AI, showcase its real-world […]

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