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Food for thought
The future of gaming – inclusivity and community
By Make Real | 30th July 2019

Our takeaways from Gamelab 2019 Barcelona Last month, we sent Sam Roach, an xR developer here at Make Real to attend Gamelab – an annual games and interactive entertainment conference held in Barcelona. Gamelab 2019 saw the likes of speakers from Blizzard Entertainment, PUBG, FIFA and Sony. The event seemed to tackle and discuss three […]

Food for thought
Is HoloLens 2 the future of spatial computing?
By Make Real | 26th February 2019

On the 24th of February, Microsoft announced HoloLens 2 – the latest version of the AR headset which originally released 2 years ago, only this time, it’s focus has shifted. With a play on this being for companies, not consumers, it aims to enable those who don’t regularly work with computers in their life to […]

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