A Series of Events

This year has been extra busy for the external-facing team attending, organising and participating in a variety of events around learning & development, training, health & safety, marketing, construction, gaming and out-of-home experiential VR content.

See below for a brief overview of each of the events we’ve been at, spreading the word about the power of VR across a variety of sectors, and those coming up as 2017 draws to a close:

January 2017VR ConnectsThe Brewery, London: 2 day event looking at publishing, business development and the future of immersive technologies

February 2017Learning LoungeSt. Paul’s Hotel, London: 1 day event running alongside Learning Technologies, organised by L&D partners Lumesse who asked us to run a VR Lounge, provide a talk “VR – Good god y’all, what is it good for?” and participate in a panel discussion about future learning technologies and their impact to a select invited audience of corporate leaders

February 2017 – Makemedia 10th Anniversary – i360, Brighton: Our parent company and by connection, ourselves, celebrated their 10th year of operations and so we couldn’t miss the chance to showcase our new VR party game to our private, selected guests for the evening after their flight soaring above the Brighton skyline

February 2017Digital Media StrategiesKings Place, London: Invited to operate our freshly revamped VR Lounge on a larger scale, we spent two days showcasing the power of immersive technologies to the leaders of the online and print publishing world in-between their future-focused talks and workshop sessions

March 2017GDCSan Francisco: Popping over the pond to showcase our latest VR game ‘Loco Dojo’ to a select number of industry leaders who were keen to seen the latest developments

March 2017Deloitte TMT Predictions Schools Challenge FinalLondon: As part of the final award reveal, we operated a small booth showcasing some of our serious fun learning applications

April 2017Brighton SEOBrighton Centre, Brighton: Our Director of Immersive Technologies was up on stage introducing VR to a packed room of attendees, keen to understand how they could best use the technology without gimmicks

April 2017VR World CongressAtBristol, Bristol: Our Director of Immersive Technologies was once more on stage participating in a panel discussion about past, current and future experiences, lessons learned and painpoints of developing VR content in a rapidly changing environment, before unleashing ‘Loco Dojo’ upon the VIP Party guests in the evening. Our co-owned studio, Tammeka, were also showcasing ‘Radial-G : Racing Revolved’ for the first time on Sony PlayStation VR within the expo area

April 2017VRBrighton Meetup #5Digital Catapult, Brighton: Within minutes of our new VR game “Loco Dojo” going live on the Oculus store, it was time to go down a few flights of stairs to present a talk about the studio ethos and game we’d just released, before unleashing the attendees on it for the first time

May 2017PPA FestivalTobacco Docks, London: The VR Lounge was erected once more within the glass boxes to allow attendees to experience the latest and greatest VR applications of ours

May 2017VR WorldOlympia, London: It was time for another discussion panel hosted by Deloitte, with our Director of Immersive Technologies participating in looking at how immersive technologies can change learning and development training in simulations

May 2017 – Health & Safety Forum – Dublin, Ireland: A talk from the Managing Director followed by a chance to experience how VR can provide deep, engaging training in the health & safety sector, with the emphasis very much on safety to all telecommunications industry attendees

May 2017VR ManchesterRise, Manchester: Time for another talk about evangelising VR by our Director of Immersive Technologies followed by a showcase of our Oculus Rift + Touch and Hololens applications

June 2017 – City & Guilds Trustees Day – London: Designed to be a day long series of thinktank sessions, we showcased how VR can be utilised effectively within the learning and development training space, especially with our PROCAT Digital VR Application for NVQ apprentices

June 2017Outsell Leadership CouncilLondon: Run over a day, company leaders got together to learn and better understand emerging trends that would affect their business in the coming months, if not already so, with two presentation sessions on VR and a chance to try out some of our highly effective immersive learning applications on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift + Touch and Microsoft Hololens

July 2017Develop: Brighton IndieDev ShowcaseHilton Metropole, Brighton: With our new VR game ‘Loco Dojo shortlisted to appear in the IndieDev Showcase, we won the Judge’s Choice award at the end of three days showing the game to public, developers and press alike

July 2017 – Health & Safety Forum – Luxembourg: A talk from the Managing Director followed by a chance to experience how VR can provide deep, engaging training in the health & safety sector, with the emphasis very much on safety to all telecommunications industry attendees

September 2017Digital FuturesKings Place, London: A day of keynotes, presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations of VR to an audience from the telecommunications, media and technology industries with our now widely-recognised VR Lounge setup

September 2017 – Telecommunications Futures – Luxembourg: A talk from the Managing Director followed by a chance to experience how VR can provide deep, engaging training in the health & safety sector, with the emphasis very much on safety to all telecommunications industry attendees

September 2017 – Health & Safety Forum – Budapest: A talk from the Managing Director followed by a chance to experience how VR can provide deep, engaging training in the health & safety sector, with the emphasis very much on safety to all telecommunications industry attendees

September 2017#TOMTech #vrLABThe Old Market, Brighton: Four days of twenty curated by Make Real VR experiences across HTC Vive, Oculus Rift + Touch, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream VR and Sony PlayStation VR ranging across experiential, to film, to training and gaming content to over 500+ attendees as part of Brighton Digital Festival (#BDF17)

September 2017Technology for MarketingOlympia, London: Two days of showcasing VR use in training, learning and development and experiential marketing along with Director of Immersive Technologies hosting a discussion panel about how to measure the success of VR campaigns

September 2017 – Pop-Up VR Arcade – Pop-Up, Brighton: Two days of showcasing VR experiences curated by Make Real allowing the general public to try out the latest technology (#BDF17)

October 2017CodeBar BrightonPlatf9rm, Brighton: Talk and a VR demo from Director of Immersive Technologies to the diversity, inclusion and equality developer sessions (#BDF17)

October 2017Open StudiosBrightwave, Brighton: Talk and demonstration of creating industry simulations using real world data, based upon a collaborative product created (#BDF17)

October 2017VR Brighton Meetup #6Digital Catapult, Brighton: Demonstration of our latest VR learning and development applications for the future of industry training

October 2017 – Deframed Wrap Party – Lighthouse, Brighton: Party time with a party game, allowing wrap party attendees to have some serious fun with ‘Loco Dojo’ (#BDF17)

October 2017Oculus Connect 4San Jose, USA: Demonstrations of our latest VR prototypes to funding bodies, platform holders and publishers

October 2017London BuildLondon, Olympia: Two days of showcasing VR applications to the construction industry within the Innovation Area of the expo

October 2017#GreatBritishVRLevel39, Canary Wharf, London: Evening showcase of the best of British VR and AR companies

November 2017Future Games SummitCongress Centre, London: Director of Immersive Technologies hosting discussion panel “VR Vs. AR – What’s best for your business?”

November 2017Future DecodedExCeL, London: Showcasing our latest Microsoft Hololens applications and prototypes to industry specialists.

November 2017Total Telecom CongressHilton Canary Wharf, London: Director of Immersive Technologies on discussion panel “Developing AR & VR Services”

November 2017Develop: VROlympia, London: Showcasing our latest and greatest immersive technology applications within the expo area of the event that Director of Immersive Technologies is a member of the Board of Advisers for

November 2017 – London Supply Chain Forum – Park Plaza, London Riverbank: Innovation partner with BAM Nuttall

November 2017#VRLO 9Central St. Martins, London: Showcasing our latest VR applications for training and of course the award-winning ‘Loco Dojo’ to guests of Rewind Co

November 2017X Health, Safety and Well-being EventICAEW, London: Specialist Sponsor of the event, hosting roundtable related to how and when to implement technology into training and showcasing our latest health & safety VR application prototype for Vodafone around working at height

November 2017Dell EMC Forum 2017 / RealizeOld Billingsgate, London: Invited by the Dell Business Influencer Outreach team to learn about the latest immersive technology solutions

November 2017 – Oculus Unwrapped London – Studio//Space. London: Afternoon of talks and networking with non-gaming, experiential narrative storytelling focus with the US Oculus team

December 2017VR & AR Creative SummitPicturehouse Central, London:

December 2017VR Brighton Meetup #8 VR For Good – Digital Catapult, Brighton:


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Have you been to any of the events above and tried out our engaging, immersive technology applications and experiential VR content pieces?

We currently have availability for attendance of events either as expo exhibitors, speakers or discussion panel hosts or participants within the month of December 2017 and are quickly filing the calendar for 2018!

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