StoryHack 2016: Past, Presence and Future

Make Real’s Operations Lead Sam Watts was one of the keynote speakers at StoryHack 2016 – part of a series of Brighton Digital Festival events at The Old Market called #TOMTech.

The one-day conference brought together creatives, storytellers and makers expressing themselves in the digital realm to discuss the challenges and opportunities they faced.

Introduction to VR – Past, Presence & Future from Sam Watts

Sam’s presentation, ‘Past, Presence & Future’ focused on the very early history of the elements of VR and how they combined over the years to form the technology of today and future possibilities, playing with the minds of those in the audience with statements such as “There are no VR experts” and “360° video isn’t VR”.

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StoryHack 2016 PanelOther speakers included:

    • Gill Johnson – Director, Creative Media Arts Council England
    • Richard Scott – Innovation Manager, Digital Catapult
    • Donna Close – Cultural Consultant
    • Simon Wilkinson – Transmedia Artist
    • Robin McNicholas – Director “Marshmallow Laser Feast”

Sam said of the event: “StoryHack was a unique opportunity to bring together a wide variety of performing arts, theatre and creative specialists in a single space to collaboratively try to figure out the future of traditional storytelling by embracing – rather than being fearful of – new emerging immersive technologies such as VR.

“Everyone agreed at the end of the day that it was a worthwhile event with many points to follow up on and think about in more depth.”

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