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EDF Energy approached Make Real to create an application that showed off the capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality hardware, based upon the ongoing suite of tools being created around the construction of Hinkley Point C (HPC)

Use Case

EDF Energy had already explored the use of VR and mobile AR but wanted to understand the use cases for mixed reality, or headset AR. Furthermore EDF Energy wished to continue to be externally and internally seen as a company that embraces emerging technologies for training, learning and improving the work life of employees.


The Microsoft HoloLens was chosen specifically as it was the only headset-based AR device available on the market at the time of development and it was a technology specifically that EDF Energy wished to explore


Using final 3D renders of the proposed finished construction of the HPC site, a low-poly, highly stylised version of the environment and buildings was modelled and placed upon a plinth.

The real world usage scenario was to be a large square or circular white table within the EDF Energy Campus training centre at Cannington Court, so the design incorporated the space known around the tables within the rooms, allowing users to freely physically walk around the augmented plinth 3D imagery to interact with the information points.

Unity 3D engine was used to create the application deployed to the HoloLens device, with simple ‘airtap’ standard selection interaction enabled, although users could choose to use the included remote control accessory as an alternative.


Key Facts
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Key Features
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