Honda – Powerdown VR

Following on from the successful VR prototype created to validate use cases of immersive technologies for automotive training, we created a fully-fledged training experience around the process to powerdown electric vehicles before carrying out routine service and maintenance.


Create an immersive learning experience that enables automotive maintenance mechanics to reach a level of competency of understanding of the process of powering down an Electric Vehicle (EV) safely.

Use Case

Trainees and mechanics need to have good health and safety awareness of the process and dangers associated with dealing with high-voltage EV batteries during maintenance and testing. Currently all mechanics have to travel to a central location to carry out the training and assessment, taking them away from the garage and requires time that could be spent on chargeable work for customers.


The immersive learning experience was developed for Oculus for Business Quest standalone VR headsets to ensure portability around sites and ease-of-use for facilitators. This enables the experience to incorporate full VR features, allowing freedom of movement and both learner’s hands being tracked in VR space for interactions, replicating real world actions accurately and effectively.


The VR training application is currently undergoing a pilot test and evaluation period to measure effectiveness and efficacy. Trainees are using the Oculus Quest VR device on site across a number of Honda garages across the country, before travelling for a reduced period of time for final assessment.

Key Facts
Date Deployed
Oculus Quest
Key Features
Process training
Health & safety awareness
Complex interaction models

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