D&I: Perspectives

What is it?

D&I: Perspectives is a Virtual Reality experience based around four real-world stories of everyday micro-aggressions in the workplace.


  • Interactive immersive journey through an everyday office, providing a narrative around a range of micro-aggressions towards you
  • Blended media experience of 3D CG and stereoscopic film of real-world people
  • Four real-world stories told through unique illustrated animations, voiced by actors
  • An immersive learning experience that encourages discussion and thought
  • Compatible with The Immerse Platform


  • Places the learner with the shoes of another person, providing an alternative viewpoint
  • Creates empathy and connection to real-world scenarios not before possible
  • Enables thought and wider discussion around workplace behaviours towards others
  • Easy to deploy and scale for training across the organisation

Buy Now

  • Oculus for Business customers – contact us for prices and trials
  • Oculus Quest / Quest 2 owners – available through Oculus App Lab
  • Desktop & Mobile users – contact us for prices and trials

Further Info
20 minutes of training
Software licences available
Supports Oculus for Business
Hardware Supported
Quest, Quest 2
Windows*, Mac*

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