BAM Nuttall – VR Induction

Following on from the successful deployment of the CITB / BAM Nuttall – Highways Induction blended suite of immersive onboarding learning experiences, there was a strong desire for Make Real and BAM Nuttall to continue working together to make use of the deployed VR hardware.


Create a series of immersive experiences that showcase key BAM Nuttall construction projects to employees old and new to raise awareness of happenings.

Use Case

Bam Nuttall are involved in the construction of a number of key development projects around the UK currently, requiring a supply of new onboarding inductees as well as a desire to raise awareness of the projects within the existing workforce. Some of these projects are multi-million-pound developments and are hard to convey the scale of operations through traditional mediums, including London City Airport, Thames Tideway West, Hinkley Point C and the Boston Barrier.


Whilst the immersive experiences were 360º video only, BAM Nuttall already had access to a number of Oculus Quest standalone VR devices and wanted to maximise ROI on hardware purchases, so this was the end deployment platform chosen. This allowed setup and device management via the Oculus for Business MDM dashboard. However it was also delivered via Oculus Go 3DoF VR headsets for wider access across the organisation.


In order to capture the 360º video onsite at the large scale construction sites, Make Real collaborated with local immersive filming videographer Michael Danks once again, to visit each site to safely and securely capture each agreed scene, using the studio Insta360 Pro II 11K 360º camera. Where necessary, appropriate security clearance was arranged and signed-off for each visit.

The 360º video was then edited down to 5K and prepared for insertion into the dedicated VR app, built with Unit 3D engine, to be installed onto the Oculus Quest standalone and Oculus Go 3DoF VR headsets, using OBB APK expansion files due to the size of the final footage content.


Studies and research shows the benefits of integrating immersive learning experiences delivered via VR into your blended training approach as follows:

  • Learner “superpowers” – Gives learners enhanced capabilities, tools and confidence
  • Reduced time to train – Learning objectives can be delivered in shorter sessions anywhere
  • Reduced costs to train – Learners do not need access to real world assets or travel for training
  • Reduced risks of training – Virtual scenarios allow safe fail states without real world repercussion
  • Improved training scenarios – Edge cases and greater depth of interaction and involvement
  • Greater knowledge retention – Learn by doing, building up muscle memory
  • Deeper formed memories – Greater number of senses involved with learning
  • Greater memory recall – Greater knowledge retention and deeper memories to draw upon later
  • Repeatable – Virtual simulations can be easily replayed and repeated or customised
  • Consistent – Many forms of traditional training suffer from consistency of training where humans are involved to provide the same level of quality over and over
Key Facts
Date Deployed
Oculus Quest & Go
Key Features
360º footage from construction sites
Security clearance gained for access
VO narration for each video

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